On February 23rd and March 3rd, 2021, our research results were presented to experts of law and social work, to gather their feedback on economic gender-based violence

To start the last stage of our Project, aimed at the transference of the research results obtained and their application in the form of recommendations and educational and dissemination materials, ECOVIO partners have counted on the support of a wide range of experts to take part in working panels carried out on February and March 2021.

Two different panels have been performed: the first of them, aimed at the field of law, and the other for the social field. The discussion panels in the field of law were attended by judges, prosecutors, lawyers and forensic psychologists from the national geography, in order to raise awareness of the problem to these professionals, and to seek actions that help women in the processes of demand, or separation. On the other hand, the panels of experts from the social field relied on the presence of professionals from work and social education, psychology, as well as representatives of civil society organizations, such as separate women’s associations, organizations against gender-based violence and equality delegates in trade unions and professional associations. These panels highlighted the difficulties women encounter in their daily lives, and the lack of knowledge about this subtle form of violence.
In each of the panels carried out, the project coordinator, Inmaculada Dominguez from University of Extremadura, explained the need and opportunity of the project, carrying out a brief analysis of the methodologies used in the first phase, and the results obtained in the interviews and surveys performed. A space for discussion was then opened in which attendees had the opportunity to talk about different cases and their experiences, offering alternatives and answers tailored to their professional field, on the actions that women could take during their relationship and the separation or divorce process, as well as the measures and guidelines to combat economic violence. In addition, panel participants expressed their interest in continuing to collaborate with the project, and collaborative networks were established to expand the lines of action in the future, thus multiplying the impact of the project.
The analysis of the discussions generated in the panels will allow us to draw conclusions and transfer this knowledge to a greater number of professionals and representatives of civil society, defining political recommendations and specific measures that empower women and young people in the prevention of economic violence, in the seminars and workshops that we will hold during the months of April and May 2021.
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