ECOVIO partnership is composed by 4 partners from Spain and Italy, all coordinated by the University of Extremadura and joining together experts and associations from several areas and field of knowledge, since EA is a very complex problem and its study requires an interdisciplinary approach. Furthermore 2 associate partners, will support in some specific project activities with its expertise and professionality. 

Partnership, in short

University of Extremadura (UNEX)

ECOVIO is promoted by the School of Business, Finance and Tourism of the University of Extremadura. The School has a long track of experience in finance training, both for university students and for the business and commercial sector of Extremadura. 

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Spanish Society of Social and Health Care (SEAS)

The Spanish Society of Social and Health Care is a non-profit organisation located in Spain. Integrated by researchers and professors of several Universities in Spain with high experience in R&D in the social sector, SEAS has been created to promote and protect the rights of the vulnerable groups, including violence victims such as women and children. SEAS transfers the knowledge and skills acquired by its R&D activities and projects to the society through the elaboration and implementation of courses and learning materials for the inclusion of people at risk of exclusion. 

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University of Valencia (UVEG)

The Research Institute in Social Welfare Politics (POLIBIENESTAR) is a public research institution belonging to University of Valencia (UVEG), which is in addition an international reference specialized in research innovation and social technology, technical assessment and training in the field of social policies.

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Gruppo R

Gruppo R works in partnership nationally and internationally. In Italy, Gruppo R is part of Relive, a National network of associations working with perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence. The Network is working to improve the safety of women and children, interrupting the violence and focusing on perpetrator responsibility. It works and lobbies for better legal and social prevention of violence at a national level. Gruppo R is also part of the “European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of domestic violence”.  

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