Gruppo R works in partnership nationally and internationally. In Italy, Gruppo R is part of Relive, a National network of associations working with perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence. The Network is working to improve the safety of women and children, interrupting the violence and focusing on perpetrator responsibility. It works and lobbies for better legal and social prevention of violence at a national level. Gruppo R is also part of the “European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of domestic violence”. 

Giorgia Caramma, graduated in Clinical-Dynamic Psychology, licensed psychologist in Veneto Region.
Trained in psychotraumatology to support who lives abusive relationships and to work with male perpetrators of violent behaviours (phisical, psychological, sexual, economic abuse and stalking).
Undergoing training as a systemic-relational psychotherapist.
Part of Gruppo R (Padova) team to fight gender-based violence, where she supports women in violent relationships at “Civico Donna” Anti-violence Centre and co-leads groups for male perpetrators of violent behaviour at “Servizio Uomini Maltrattanti” (service for men who are abusive in intimate relationships).
Project officer in several European projects to fight violence against women.

Laura Celso, psychologist, graduated in Clinical-Dynamic Psychology.
Specialized in the treatment of men perpetrators of violence in intimate relationships and in the advocacy of women victims of gender violence.
She is part of Gruppo R (Padova) team to combat gender-based violence, where she works as an advocate at the “Civico Donna” Anti-violence Centre, and co-host of groups for perpetrators of violence at “Servizio Uomini Maltrattanti”.
Researcher in several European projects to combat violence against women