• Inauguration of the conference, by her Excellency Mrs. María Félix Tena Aragón, President of the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura.
  • Economic violence: an unexplored aspect in gender violence. ECOVIO Researcher.
  • Conference: “Economic violence in relationships with a partner or ex-partner”, by his Excellency Mr. Vicente Magro Servet, Judge of the Second Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court.
  • Roundtable: recommendations at three levels.

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Inauguration by her Excellency Mrs. Isabel Giménez García, Judge of the Commercial Court No. 6 of Barcelona and Member of the Coordinator of the Association of Women Judges of Spain.

Economic control, economic exploitation and labour sabotage, factors that generate economic abuse.  ECOVIO researcher.

Economic violence as violence against women. A vision in accordance with the Istanbul Convention, by his Excellency Mr. Ricardo Rodríguez Ruiz, Magistrate of Section 21 of the Provincial Court of Barcelona.

Inauguration by Mrs. Mª Victoria Rosell Aguilar, Government Delegate against Gender-Based Violence.

The woman victim of economic violence and her experience judicial processes.  ECOVIO researchers

Women’s access to justice. Problems and proposals for improvements, by her Excellency Mrs. Cira García Domínguez, Titular Magistrate of the Court of Violence against Women number 1 of Albacete.

Inauguration by Mrs. Mª Ángeles Jaime de Pablo, President of the Themis Association of Jurist Women.

Good practices in the legal field on economic violence. ECOVIO researcher

Legal, economic and social considerations of the non-payment of pensions, by her Excellency Mrs. Alba Rodríguez Machado, judge of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 4 of Plasencia with jurisdiction in matters of violence against women.

The seminar will take place in Spanish language

The seminar will take place in Spanish language

The seminar will take place in Spanish language

Inauguration by Mrs. Emiliana Vicente González, President of the General Social of Work Council.

Indicators of economic violence during the cohabitation relationship. ECOVIO researcher.

Economic abuse in family proceedings. Criminal, civil, economic and social consequences, in charge of most her Excellency Mrs. Mª Ángeles Martínez Marzal, prosecutor of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Valencia, Specialized Section on Violence against Women.

Inauguration by Mrs. Ana Alcázar Campos, Academic Secretary of the University Research Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies of the University of Granada.

Indicators of economic violence after separation or divorce.  ECOVIO researcher

Economic violence and forensic psychological evaluation, by Mrs. Beatriz Arjona Rovira, Forensic Psychologist of the Cáceres Court, in the Unit for Comprehensive Assessment of Gender Violence.

Inauguration by Mrs. Susana Martínez Novo, President of the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-treatment of Women.

Action protocols to improve care for victims of economic violence. Researcher ECOVIO

Attention and advice to women who suffer economic violence, by Mrs. Ana García Fernández, Lawyer of the Association of Separated and Divorced Women “Carmen García Castellón”.

The seminar will take place in Spanish language
The seminar will take place in Spanish language
The seminar will take place in Spanish language
July 2024